A Dark Weft

Session 1: Encounters at the Drunken Trolloc

Or why we don't screw with Aes Sedai

I’m working from memory here, so hopefully this roughly is correct

An Ogier warrior, an Aiel spearmaiden, a Tinker and a rough looking young woodsman walk into a bar…

Characters met up in the town of Fallen Elm, which is on the road leading from Tar Valon to Fal Dara. In there own time, and way they all ended up at the Drunken Trolloc the only tavern/inn in town. Here, they met the barkeep Wultin Frendle, who claims to be everyone’s friend. Discussions with Frendle, and retired traveler Gruns, gave the players background about the world, and current events. While talking, a nervous young noble named Legun Pratt came in, and requested the characters gather round and speak with him.

Pratt revealed that he worked for a mistress, who has been captured. He knew something of the dreams the characters had, and where they were headed. He suggested that they spend the night at his manor, and he would direct them towards helping his mistress. The party declined at this time. Pratt said he would send someone later to guide them if they changed their mind.

After Pratt left, more talk and baths began. During this time, a lady and a tough looking man entered the tavern. They seemed to know Frendle well. They introduced themselves as Veridis and Eldric. Veridis talks with some PCs, (excluding Ruby who is bathing) revealing to them she is Aes Sedai, and that they seem to have a weave upon them. She suggests that they follow her back to Tar Valon for her to investigate this weave. She also explains the truth about the place seen in the dream.

Ruby tries to avoid Veridis, recognizing her as Aes Sedai. When Claris the local blacksmith comes to persuade them to follow him to Pratt’s manor, everyone agrees. Outside Eldric is waiting, and attempts to convince the party that Pratt is a darkfriend and they should trust him and Veridis instead. When the PCs choose to push past him, he takes hostile action. A fleeing Cyad is caught up in invisible bonds, and Ibrend is knocked out while tackling Eldric. Ruby attempts to run, but is also bound and shielded from the source. Jiellada stabs Eldric while he is stuck under Ibrend, but is also knocked unconscious by the flat of Eldric’s blade.

Cyad and Ruby have a discussion with Veridis while the other two sleep. They are convinced to willingly follow Veridis to Tar Valon. The other two awaken bound, and are intimidated into following Eldric and Veridis for the time.

During the night, Eldric and Veridis awake, and tell the PCs that shadowspawn are approaching. It is decided that fleeing is the best answer at the time. Piercing cries above the party during the run suggests evil in the air.

Several miles outside the town, an ambush is sprung when Veridis and Eldric (mounted) race up a path that is blocked by falling timber and rocks behind them. The party can hear the sounds of combat, and a bright flare lights the night sky.

While the party hides and waits, a small group led by Pratt comes up the road. Ibrend does his best trolloc impression, aided by a booming voice from a small weave from Ruby. This intimidates most of the darkfriends into running. A little bit of bluffing convinces the others that the “trolloc” has already captured one of PCs, and they decide not to interfere further. The party successfully avoids combat. (By the way guys, this is still an awesome scene)

After a few flashes of burningly bright light (a weave that Ruby can reproduce), the sounds on the hill die off. While the party considers what to do now, Veridis and Eldric return, looking exhausted. Following another path up the rise, the party sees many dead trollocs, and lots of torn up earth. Veridis admits to letting a Myrddraal and a Draghkar escape.

The group pushing on for a while, before setting a hasty camp for the few remaining hours until dawn. In the morning, as the group walks on, they are overtaken from behind by wagons. A merchant Gordle Fain and his two wagons are travelling to Tar Valon. The group negotiates a ride with them.



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